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Friday June 6, 2010

Slouch: The Mixtape Series - May '08

Slouch: The Mixtape Series - May '08
Runtime: 34:40
Format: 128k MP3

Continuing my spotlight on Slouch with his latest entry in the ongoing Mixtape Series.
Listen to the podcast and check out the interview from last week. Also, be sure to check out, facebook, and myspace.

Thursday May 29, 2010

Featured Artist: Slouch
Slouch: Selections from Labor and Travels
Runtime: 17:32
Format: 128k MP3

Ian Bradley, AKA Slouch talks about his newest releases Labor and Travels.


"Labor was originally intended to be an LP, but so much time went by between the Viva release and these releases that there was a stark evolution between the older material and the last few tracks I'd made before the release date. I was shooting for a cohesive body of music, but I wasn't comfortable dumping the tracks that didn't fit in. I still thought they held up on a different level, so I decided to give them their own place. Travels became an outlet for that."

He had some interesting things to say about the biz. I talked with him briefly about piracy, fair use, and the value of music.

"The way I see it, the only people who really suffer from piracy are the people in the middle... not unknown, and not quite famous. If you're not making any money... it's probably pretty hard to find your album, and therefore pretty hard to steal it. If you're raking it in, you should be doing fine from your shows, merchandise, etc."

Listen to the podcast and check out the interview. Also, be sure to check out, a site I designed. You can also find slouch on facebook, and myspace.

Thursday May 22, 2010

Radio Scotvoid & DJ Noel Snow live @ CURIOS
Radio Scotvoid hosts CURIOS, a collective of like minded artists and producers currently based out of Massachusetts, US and Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland. This week's podcast features Radio Scotvoid & DJ Noel Snow performing live with turntables and laptops @ CURIOS, Feb '08.

Radio Scotvoid & DJ Noel Snow live @ CURIOS
Record Date: Feb '08
Runtime: 32:00
Format: 128k MP3

- - - -

I talked breifly with Radio Scotvoid about CURIOS and DJ Noel Snow.

"This recorded set was the sound and vibe coming from us before and after our guest artists that we had come in to perform at CURIOS."

"Noel and I met at a Salem Record Exchange - I think I've talked about this record store before - loads of quality vinyl - anyways, I was buying the original 12" of 'Brother's Gonna Work It Out' - by Willie Hutch and he was buying 'The Breaks' by Kurtis Blow... anyways we got talking about tunes... and we've been great buddies ever since... Noel Snow is his real name and his cooking in Beverly, Mass. is like an institution - He's been feeding Beverly for over 12 years... with burritos as well as quality beats."

Also, check out this video Eastern Border put together to compliment the DJ set. These and other images are projected while the DJs spin.

If you want to check out Radio Scotvoid and his guests at CURIOS then check the "Live @The Pickled Onion" digital download here.

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Tuesday May 13, 2010

Portishead - "The Rip" (vid)
New video from Portishead's Third.

Monday May 12, 2010

Featured Artist: Boy In Sleep

Javier Bolea, AKA Boy In Sleep talks about his newest EP Undressing Eyes.


"My rights as a musician don't include, "No one can steal my MP3s." I think music piracy is here to stay, and it's not a bad thing." -Boy In Sleep

Listen to the podcast and check out the interview. Also, be sure to check out Javier's other projects.

Tuesday May 6, 2010

Featured Artist: 25ThC

25ThC talks about his newest record DH: 12 Dark Productions, a collaboration with London artist Daniel Heath.

"DH: 12 Dark Productions is darker musically than Playing With My Mistress as it was written very specifically with Daniel Heaths' artwork as the inspiration, and the music reflects the mood of his artwork." -25ThC

25ThC let me design the album artwork for DH.

The full album is available for download.

Tuesday April 8, 2010

Byrne Interviews Yorke
There's an interview on David Byrne interviewing Thom Yorke. Check out the audio on the right... the transcript belies the real interview, IMO.

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